Coronavirus 2020

COVID-19 is the new "MOON LANDING"!

What is happening to the entire world is called a SILENT WAR.
All your FOOD, LAND, AND MONEY is now in the control of others.

This site has been online since 2016 just waiting for "Mr. Art of the Deal" to buy it.
Now I know why he DID NOT buy it yet....he knew this was coming.

This SHUTDOWN is now becoming a LOCKDOWN.
So, staying in your home does NOT make you more healthy!


This virus was to bring down the internet, small business, schools, driving and travelling freely.

Its a big squeeze of convicts and criminals, bad family living environments exposed, horders found, child endangerments found to peak the crime rate.

The plan for this quarantine is to use a better tracking by being in your home, 6 feet apart distance for AI monitoring, social masking when your fingers spread more disease.

Parts of the plan that failed:
The internet DID NOT GO 5G isn't necessary, people didn't massacre each other, crime did not rise, and social disobedience didn't occur until this became redundant.

But, they caused such a hypnotic spell that many people will be hurt very badly for years to come.

Remember times like these...they are gone!


You might learn something here!

A small collection of the timeline of our lives.

Sorry, your life has changed.

It is a sad reality to know that everything you used to do is now a memory.

Make America Great Again.

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